14A District Court, Michigan

14A District Court Calendar/Docket

4A-1: https://micourt.courts.michigan.gov/CourtDisplay/Display/public/DqZQTsMv40ePzWoGTQpkLQ

14A-2: https://micourt.courts.michigan.gov/CourtDisplay/Display/public/ZaANKFBsPE2ua_kXct2xcQ

14A-3: https://micourt.courts.michigan.gov/CourtDisplay/Display/public/Vzea-UYYvk6Y81JgYMa3FA

14A-4: https://micourt.courts.michigan.gov/CourtDisplay/Display/public/kV6D8s9ggU-BY4MM8OJIkg

Changes to court dockets are constantly occurring.  The court docket site is directly linked to the Court's case management system and will be updated as soon as case scheduling changes are made available to case management staff.  

To inquire about existing cases please click on the link below and enter the party's name in the field.  This search will yield results from all four of our courts.

When the search results appear, click on any item for which you would like to see more information.  Code explanations appear below.  When you are done searching, click on Disconnect.

Case Status (Sts) Code Explanation

C Closed Information Available Online
O Open Information Available Online
P Probation Information Available Online

Case Type Code Explanation

GC General Civil
LT Landlord-Tenant
SC Small Claims
SP Land Contract Summary Proceeding
GZ Miscellaneous Civil
OD Ordinance Misdemeanor Drunk Driving
SD Statute Drunk Driving
OI Ordinance Civil Infraction
SI Statute Civil Infraction Traffic
OK Ordinance Parking
SK Statute Parking
OM Ordinance Misdemeanor
SM Statute Misdemeanor
ON Ordinance Civil Infraction Non-Traffic
SN Statute Civil Infraction Non-Traffic
OT Ordinance Misdemeanor Traffic
ST Statute Misdemeanor Traffic



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