14A District Court, Michigan

Citizens Guide to 14A District Court

To inquire about an existing case please use our name search link:https://micourt.courts.michigan.gov/CaseSearch/Court/D14A 

To inquire about existing cases please click on the link below and enter the party's name in the field.  This search will yield results from all four of our courts.

When the search results appear, click on any item for which you would like to see more information.  https://mcap.courts.michigan.gov/CaseSearch/Court/D14A/Search

If you are having trouble with the site, please copy the link and paste into your browser.

If you are inquiring about specific court dockets, please see the links below for each of our court sites:


Service Center Docket - 14A-1

Ypsilanti Docket - 14A-2

Chelsea Docket - 14A-3

Saline Docket - 14A-4

Please Note: Non-public or sealed cases will not appear in court docket listings.


  • Select the name of the Jurist from the drop down box. 
  • No selection is allowed for courtroom.  
  • Click on View Calendar.
  • Select Begin Date.
  • Select End Date.
  • Select District Court.
  • Select your preference as to whether cases appear in case number or name order.
  • Press Search.
  • To print: select Print Calendar and Print Now.  To return to the previous screen, press View Calendar.
  • To view the court docket of another Jurist, click on New Search.
  • When finished, click on Disconnect.

Changes to court dockets are constantly occurring.  The court docket site is directly linked to the Court's case management system and will be updated as soon as case scheduling changes are made available to case management staff.  



What to do when you recieve a civil infraction ticket:

CIvil Infractions must be taken care of within ten days of receiving the ticket. 

  • You can pay the ticket online, in person at any of our locations or by mail as long as it is postmarked by your tenth day. 
  • if you want to dispute the ticket, you can request a hearing over the phone, in person at any of our locations or by checking the box "deny responsibility" on your ticket and mailing it into the court, again making sure that the postmark is within your ten days.
  • Some agencies participate in online mediation. In this case you are admitting responsibility, but you want to avoid any points that may be associated with the charge. Please follow this link for more information: www.courtinnovations.com/14A

    If the ticket is not taken care of within 10 days you may be subject to late fees and license suspension.