14A District Court, Michigan

14A-2 District Court

Located in Downtown Ypsilanti, the 14A-2 District Court presides over the City of Ypsilanti, including Eastern Michigan University as well as, Ann Arbor Township, Augusta Township, Salem Township, Superior Township and the Village of Barton Hills Criminal Misdemeanor and Civil Infraction (Traffic)cases.

The Honorable Kirk W. Tabbey has presided at this location since 1997.

Forpublic information on 14A-2 cases go to https://mcap.courts.michigan.gov/CaseSearch/Court/D14A

For information about Online options including the following: Online Ticket Review- If you have received a ticket and don't dispute the ticket, but would like to see if there is a way to amend the ticket to a charge that does not carry points with the Secretary of State. Online Warrant Review- You currently have a misdemeanor or civil infraction charge that is in warrant status and you would like to have the warrant lifted and get a new court date set. Online Plea- You have a misdemeanor charge that you would like to resolve online. Please go to http://www.courtinnovations.com/MID14A

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415 W. Michigan Ave.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Telephone: (734) 484-6690
Fax: (734) 484-6697